Stringing along stupidity since 1995.
God complex

GUNBUTT23:            i will watch movies with you

Amixam74:            you will?

You don’t have a profile….?

GUNBUTT23:            i don’t know how to do it

GUNBUTT23:            i am new at this

Amixam74:            Tell me about yourself…

GUNBUTT23:            i am 24, a big fan of tennis, and i sometimes dress in drag and cook pasta

GUNBUTT23:            you/

GUNBUTT23:             ??

Amixam74:            hello???

GUNBUTT23:            yes

GUNBUTT23:            you didn’t write back

Amixam74:            sorry, i lost that.

Amixam74:            im not interested in guys that dress in drag.

GUNBUTT23:            why not

GUNBUTT23:            i can dress for yoyu

Amixam74:            I like masculine guys and the guys i’ve met that dress in  drag, they are dead nails for gays right away.

GUNBUTT23:              you can put nails in me

Amixam74:            Bro, no.

GUNBUTT23:            i have a giant cross in my bedroom

GUNBUTT23:            bring over the  crown of thorns

GUNBUTT23:            come on baby boy

GUNBUTT23:            be my little crucifier

GUNBUTT23:            when are we doing this?

Amixam74:            never.

GUNBUTT23:            you could confess your sins to me while i bleed on your doilies

GUNBUTT23:            Talk to me my child, and i shall save YOU

GUNBUTT23:            STUNNER!!!!!!!

GUNBUTT23:            what is your name sweetness?

Amixam74:            dude leave me alone! 

GUNBUTT23:            why do you hate me

Amixam74:            i don’t get down with queens

GUNBUTT23:            i can lead you to a better life

GUNBUTT23:            i am not a queen, i am your savior

Amixam74:            leave me alone.

GUNBUTT23:            i will leave you alone 

GUNBUTT23:            With ME

GUNBUTT23:            take my hand and I will lead you through the valley of death

Amixam74:            stop it or i’ll report youl.

Amixam74:            leave me alone.

GUNBUTT23:            report me for loving you?

GUNBUTT23:            i have a green sweater for you to bathe in

GUNBUTT23:            you will look like salad

GUNBUTT23:            are you still there?

Amixam74:            Dude…what the hell is wrong…

GUNBUTT23:            stop harrassing me

Amixam74:            what? 

Amixam74:            yeah right.

GUNBUTT23:            your being not nice to me

Amixam74:            what have i done other than not want to talk to you.

GUNBUTT23:            you told me to hit you and called me names and told me to make a tricycle out of Lincoln Logs

 Amixam74:            Not.!@

 GUNBUTT23:            owe

 GUNBUTT23:            people have feelings too

 Amixam74:            i just don’t like drags…ok?

 GUNBUTT23:            are you saying that i am a drag?

 GUNBUTT23:            you make me cry

 GUNBUTT23:            and when the children cry, let them know we tried

 GUNBUTT23:            cause when the children sing, then a new world begins

 GUNBUTT23:            tucka tuckatuckatucka tucka tucka tucka tucka 

 GUNBUTT23:            i’m hip, I’m with it

 GUNBUTT23:            good news, i am still here with you

 Amixam74:            Great…waht the hell do you look like…

 GUNBUTT23:            i have been watching the screen for the last half hour waiting for you to write back 

GUNBUTT23:            i will show you honey

GUNBUTT23:            do you have a pic

GUNBUTT23:            there u go, i sent  a pic

GUNBUTT23:            you like?

Amixam74:            No

 GUNBUTT23:            why not

 GUNBUTT23:            let me see you

 Amixam74:            no

 GUNBUTT23:            yes

i need to see my darling

 GUNBUTT23:            show me the honey

I wanna call you The Nature Boy

GUNBUTT23:            i see you like the Backstreet boyz

 Btonguy:            Yeah,   I’ve got the calender. <g>

 GUNBUTT23:            mmmm tasty

 GUNBUTT23:            that blonde one is a piece of ass

 Btonguy:            true.   I’m a fan of Brian. 

 GUNBUTT23:            i wish i could have one for just one night

 Btonguy:            I’ll agree with that. <g>  That would be a great night. 

 GUNBUTT23:            i’d show their ass a thing or two

 GUNBUTT23:            i’d turn them into the Backdoor boys

 Btonguy:            I bet you would.  and I’d be on the other end. <g>

 GUNBUTT23:            what is your name

 GUNBUTT23:            i am Marcus

 Btonguy:            I’m Danial.

 GUNBUTT23:            nice to meet you

 Btonguy:            you too.  what are you up to today?

 GUNBUTT23:            just watching some old movies

 GUNBUTT23:            some dirty movies

 Btonguy:            cool.  what ones?

 GUNBUTT23:            so far i have watched Mary Poppins and Asses A Poppin

 Btonguy:            I think the second one would be better….A spoon full of what? <g>

 GUNBUTT23:            what do you mean?

 GUNBUTT23:            i;ll take a spoonful of you

 Btonguy:            You know…. Mary Poppins sings “A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.”  What songs would be in Asses a poppin?  A joke. 

 GUNBUTT23:            oh.sorry

 GUNBUTT23:            the end of that movie always makes me cry

 GUNBUTT23:            what makes you go down?

 Btonguy:            almost anything. <g>

 Btonguy:            Did I scare you away?

 GUNBUTT23:            no

 GUNBUTT23:            i was downloading something

 Btonguy:            I see.  cool.

 GUNBUTT23:            where do you live

 Btonguy:            Bloomington.  You?

 GUNBUTT23:            Indianapolis

 GUNBUTT23:            would you like to meet for sandwiches?

 Btonguy:            where?  when? 

 GUNBUTT23:            on july 5th

 Btonguy:            I work.  

 GUNBUTT23:            do you work tommorrow afternoon ?

 Btonguy:            no.

 GUNBUTT23:            doyou have plans?

 Btonguy:            What did you have in mind?

 GUNBUTT23:            lunch

 GUNBUTT23:            i have a new picnic basket that i have been dying to use

 Btonguy:            Where?

 GUNBUTT23:            let me think

 GUNBUTT23:            how far are you from indianapolis ?

 Btonguy:            1hr 

 GUNBUTT23:            that’s right, i was there in April for a parade

 Btonguy:            did you like it?

 GUNBUTT23:            it was preety

 GUNBUTT23:            there wasn’t too many cute guys there though

 Btonguy:            Bloomington has them.  <g>

 GUNBUTT23:            oh some

 GUNBUTT23:            i’d like to see you 

 GUNBUTT23:            maybe tommorrow

 GUNBUTT23:            we’ll set off some fireworks of our own

 Btonguy:            maybe, sure.

 GUNBUTT23:            ever seen an M80 go off in someone’s rectum

 Btonguy:            No, but I bet it feels really nice. <G>

 Btonguy:            So are you telling me you have an M80 in your pants?

 GUNBUTT23:            i can stick bottle rockets in your ass and sing the Star Spangled Banner

 GUNBUTT23:            no

 GUNBUTT23:            i have a crab salad in my pants

 Btonguy:            only in you salute.

 GUNBUTT23:            i am hung like a baby shrimp

 Btonguy:            sad. <G>

 GUNBUTT23:            but i know how to use it

 Btonguy:            though there isn’t much to use. <g>

 GUNBUTT23:            why, do you have alot

 Btonguy:            I’m average. 61/2

 GUNBUTT23:            i am 5

 Btonguy:            not bad. <g>

 GUNBUTT23:            i think its small

 Btonguy:            You’re fine. 

 GUNBUTT23:            i would fit in you

 Btonguy:            Yeah,  I think you’d be able too. <g>

 GUNBUTT23:            i don’t know if you’d fit in m

 GUNBUTT23:            me

 GUNBUTT23:            i am tighter than a tightrope at a chicken farm

 Btonguy:            You like being  fucked?

 GUNBUTT23:            no.. i love it

 GUNBUTT23:            i like to be called Big Sexy when i am getting it

 Btonguy:            cool.  What size do you use?

 GUNBUTT23:            what size what?

 Btonguy:            big sexy?  Why’s that?

 GUNBUTT23:            it’s just my nickname 

 Btonguy:            cool.  

 GUNBUTT23:            what is yours?

 Btonguy:            I don’t have one. 

 GUNBUTT23:            can i give you one?

 Btonguy:            sure.

 GUNBUTT23:            i wanna call you the Nature Boy

 GUNBUTT23:            cause you have a nice bush

 Btonguy:            How do you know I have a nice bush?

 GUNBUTT23:            i can just tell by the way you cross your T’s

 Btonguy:            I see,  You  analize people’s typing so you can tell them about their body/personality?

 GUNBUTT23:            yes i can

 Btonguy:            anything else you want to tell me about myself?

 GUNBUTT23:            you were once a totem pole operator, and you have a limp in your right leg only when the Knicks make it into Sudden Death Overtime

 Btonguy:            You’re right. <g>

 GUNBUTT23:            where can we meet

 Btonguy:            I don’t know?  Where do you think we should meet?

 GUNBUTT23:            name a place in between

 Btonguy:            Well, I don’t want to meet in Martinsville.

 GUNBUTT23:            ill come to you

 GUNBUTT23:            i just filled up my tank

 Btonguy:            What do you look like?

 GUNBUTT23:            do you have a pic

 Btonguy:            sorry no.  Do you?

 GUNBUTT23:            not yet

 GUNBUTT23:            wait..

 GUNBUTT23:            yes i do

 GUNBUTT23:            hold on

 GUNBUTT23:              sent it

 Btonguy:            cool

 GUNBUTT23:            you like?

 Btonguy:            cute.

 GUNBUTT23:            can we meet at your place or would you rather go somewhere in public/ 

 Btonguy:            my place is fine.

 Btonguy:            I don’t know when though.

 GUNBUTT23:            i need your address and directions

 GUNBUTT23:            how bout 12:30

 Btonguy:            I can’t then.  It will have to be later. 

 GUNBUTT23:            what time is good for you?

 GUNBUTT23:            maybe 3:00

 Btonguy:            after 6.  around 7.  My roommate goes to work then. 

 GUNBUTT23:            sounds great

 GUNBUTT23:            i can leave at 5:30

 Btonguy:            or 6 so u get here after 7.

 GUNBUTT23:            ok

 GUNBUTT23:            i might go to a BBQ early in the day anyway

 GUNBUTT23:            that’s good for me

 GUNBUTT23:            what is your address and directions?

 Btonguy:            cool.  Give me a call around 5:30.  

 GUNBUTT23:            ok, what is your address

 Btonguy:            call first.  so I know nothing has come up>

 GUNBUTT23:            what is your number

 Btonguy:            812-335-9502

 GUNBUTT23:            ok. i  have to go

 GUNBUTT23:            i am gonna go clean my asshole up

 GUNBUTT23:            for you

 Btonguy:            see ya.

 GUNBUTT23:            there’s nothin like the sweet smell of sausage 

 GUNBUTT23:            STUNNER!!!!!!!

 GUNBUTT23:            see you tommorrow honey

 Btonguy:            bye

My Little Rudolph

AboyI24:            hey whats up

 GUNBUTT23:            hey doll

 AboyI24:            Horny here ..U 

 GUNBUTT23:            you bet your bottom dollar

 AboyI24:   old man?

 GUNBUTT23:            24

 AboyI24:            cool..same..gotta ipc man?

 GUNBUTT23:            yeah

 GUNBUTT23:            you 

 AboyI24:            yup…trade/

 GUNBUTT23:            k

 GUNBUTT23:            hold on

 AboyI24:            cool

 GUNBUTT23:            i sent it

 AboyI24:            Nice dude…what u like doin?

 GUNBUTT23:            bangin hot asses 

 GUNBUTT23:            u?

 GUNBUTT23:            where is yours?

 AboyI24:            sendin now man..

 AboyI24:            sent…got anything with thoes boxers off dude?

 GUNBUTT23:            not yet

 GUNBUTT23:            you look good enough to eat 

 GUNBUTT23:            and bang

 AboyI24:            am usually top here too man.. u ever do both?

 GUNBUTT23:            you have a nice forehead

 GUNBUTT23:            ii’d like to place my balls on it

 AboyI24:            hor u hung man?

 AboyI24:            how u hung

 GUNBUTT23:            6 1/2

 GUNBUTT23:            u

 AboyI24:            7 1/2

 GUNBUTT23:            that would wreck my stinkhole

 GUNBUTT23:            i love it

 AboyI24:            yea?


 AboyI24:            like gettin ur crotch and ass ate man?

 GUNBUTT23:            i like having duck butter licked off my balls

 GUNBUTT23:            you ever do speed

 AboyI24:            no man..don’t do drugs ..but definately would lick ur balls dude!

 GUNBUTT23:            i do speed and fly through my neighborhood doing sommersaults on broken glass

 GUNBUTT23:            no drugs

 GUNBUTT23:            that’s good 

 GUNBUTT23:            what are you into?

 AboyI24:            cool…. makin out..mostly top..but do bith sometimes….U?

 GUNBUTT23:            i like donkey punches and stunners

 GUNBUTT23:            and oral

 AboyI24:            u give oral too man?


 GUNBUTT23:            of course 

 GUNBUTT23:            don’t yoiu 

 GUNBUTT23:            that’s the best part

 AboyI24:            I love givin dude… love to get a guy on the edge..and makeem squirm..moan with pleasure man

 GUNBUTT23:            i love that feeling

 GUNBUTT23:            you know when you were little

 AboyI24:            were u at dude?

 GUNBUTT23:            Indianapolis

 AboyI24:            u should cum down dude…

 GUNBUTT23:            where are you

 AboyI24:            columbus area..bout 25mins from downtwn…right off I65…U got anymore pics? 

 GUNBUTT23:            no

 GUNBUTT23:            sorry

 GUNBUTT23:            your not far

 AboyI24:            nope

 GUNBUTT23:            lets meet somewhere

 GUNBUTT23:            tomorrow do you have any plans

 AboyI24:            just in the mornin


 GUNBUTT23:            how bout 1:30

 AboyI24:            cum down now man..need some help with this throbbin boner

 GUNBUTT23:            i can’t come tonight

 GUNBUTT23:            i have to shave myself and meet my mom for dinner

 AboyI24:            bummer dude

 AboyI24:            i’m like hard and wet dude

 GUNBUTT23:            i am soft and dry

 AboyI24:            haha

 GUNBUTT23:            we would match

 GUNBUTT23:            i love tying tire chains to guys scrotums and having them pull me on a sled

 AboyI24:            hmm..

 GUNBUTT23:            would you be my little Rudolph

 GUNBUTT23:            Rudolph the wide assed faggot

 GUNBUTT23:            ohyeah

 GUNBUTT23:            you wanna meet 

 GUNBUTT23:            Hello?

 GUNBUTT23:            where areyou button nose?

 GUNBUTT23:            helllllllllllllllllo

 GUNBUTT23:            when are we gonna meet

 GUNBUTT23:            where didyou go you little bitch?

 GUNBUTT23:            talk to me panzy

 GUNBUTT23:            you’re dead bone smuggler


GUNBUTT23:            you think you is a freestyla ?

 GUNBUTT23:            i’s dont’s knows

 Blackattack329:            NAH I DONT FREESTYLE

 GUNBUTT23:            what do you do? 

 Blackattack329:            I KEEP IT WRITTEN

 GUNBUTT23:            i like to do that too

 GUNBUTT23:            lets see what you got

 Blackattack329:            AIIGHT IMA FLOW JUSS ONCE

 GUNBUTT23:            k

 Blackattack329:            I JUSS SAID THIS A LITTLE EARLIER

 Blackattack329:            HERE IT GOES

 Blackattack329:            THA REAL NIGGA COCK BACK HIS FLOW


 Blackattack329:            YALL DONT WANNA HERE THA REAL PEICE

 Blackattack329:            HAVE YALL FEARIN ME ?

 Blackattack329:            JACK U UP LYRICALLY

 Blackattack329:            HAVE U LEFT CRITICALLY

 Blackattack329:            HOW YO CONDITION BE ?

 Blackattack329:            ALL FUCKED UP NOW

 Blackattack329:            FROM THA FEET UP NOW

 Blackattack329:            GET BACK NOW

 Blackattack329:            MY STYLE

 Blackattack329:            HOW I SPIT IT

 Blackattack329:            LEAVE U RIPPED WITH NO STITCHES

 Blackattack329:            NO NEEDLE NO THREAD 

 Blackattack329:            ALL U BE IS RIPPED PIECES

 Blackattack329:            AND WANNA ACT LIKE U DIDNT

 Blackattack329:            TRY TO STOP MINE

 Blackattack329:            NIGGA PLEASE U AINT NOTHIN BUT A STOP SIGN

 Blackattack329:            I RUN OVA LIKE A STAMPEDE

 Blackattack329:            STAY BLAZED LIKE THA WEED

 Blackattack329:            YALL KNOW WHO I BE ?

 Blackattack329:            PLAY DIRTY NOT CLEAN

 Blackattack329:            FUCKIN WITH MY TEAM

 Blackattack329:            WE TAKE NO MESS

 Blackattack329:            WE TAKE NO STRESS 

 Blackattack329:            AND U GETS NO REST

 Blackattack329:            DONE

 GUNBUTT23:            that shit;s tight

 GUNBUTT23:            but i’s got something better

 Blackattack329:            THANX FO THA COMPLIMENT

 Blackattack329:            AI’IGHT U GO

 GUNBUTT23:            what if God was one of us, just a slob like one of us

blee blee blee blee bloo bloo bloo

 GUNBUTT23:            blee blee blee blee blaaaaaaaa

 GUNBUTT23:            i wrote that

 Blackattack329:            LOL

 GUNBUTT23:            that’s funny ?

 GUNBUTT23:            i don’t think so A-Hole

 GUNBUTT23:            here i go

 GUNBUTT23:            sit back 

 Blackattack329:            AIIGHT BUT THA BLEE BOOO SHIT WAS FUNNY

 GUNBUTT23:            what are you thinking, i’m always inking

 like a german shiser film, i’ll leave your mouth stinking

 Blackattack329:            WHOA

 GUNBUTT23:            with a nut in my hand and a cricket on my ear

 i will  give you some tail like the rednosed reindeer

 Blackattack329:            AIIGHT U GOT SOMETHIN GOIN 

 GUNBUTT23:            that’s right !!

 GUNBUTT23:            here is more my brotha

 GUNBUTT23:            all the hooches on my jock never want me to leave,

 i leave ya paralyzed feelin just like Christopher Reeves

 Blackattack329:            WORD

 GUNBUTT23:            never seen me comin at ya with a wrench and socket,

  i’m dope, i’m with it, would you like a hot pocket?

 GUNBUTT23:            flowin freer than semen down your grandma’s chin,

 with a sack that’s bigger than the hands i got ‘em in

 GUNBUTT23:            tha’ts all i got now brother

 Blackattack329:            AIIGHT THAT WAS HOT

 Blackattack329:            IMA BE OUT AIIGHT

 GUNBUTT23:            when i write i just think of how much i hate the white man, you dig?

 GUNBUTT23:            AIIGHT BRo

 Blackattack329:            YEA

 GUNBUTT23:            Peace wit dat

 GUNBUTT23:            check you lata


*The number I give out is my old job and the person I tell him to ask for is my old manager. It was fun hearing about it that night when I went into work.

GUNBUTT23:            i have a daughter and i am looking for love

 DAD4VVYNG:            hi

 GUNBUTT23:            hi

 GUNBUTT23:            what is your name

 DAD4VVYNG:            Frank and u

 GUNBUTT23:            Matt

 GUNBUTT23:            how old?

 DAD4VVYNG:            where u from

 DAD4VVYNG:            50

 GUNBUTT23:            Boston

 GUNBUTT23:            i am 39

 DAD4VVYNG:            how olds dau

 GUNBUTT23:            she is 15

 GUNBUTT23:            yours?

 DAD4VVYNG:            26

 GUNBUTT23:            maybe the four of us could get together

 GUNBUTT23:            where u from?

 GUNBUTT23:            are u close?

 GUNBUTT23:            you have to meet my daughter.

she gives the best head

 GUNBUTT23:            you wanna? 

 DAD4VVYNG:            sure

 DAD4VVYNG:            Nj

 GUNBUTT23:            can i come to you?

 DAD4VVYNG:            yeah where u from

 DAD4VVYNG:            u have a pic of her

 GUNBUTT23:            no

 GUNBUTT23:            i think i might have one

 GUNBUTT23:            do you have a pic of yours?

 DAD4VVYNG:            not any more

 GUNBUTT23:            my little girl is so cute

 DAD4VVYNG:            she there now

 GUNBUTT23:            in her room

 GUNBUTT23:            she likes to lay there and wait for me to  do the deed

 DAD4VVYNG:            how about i call u and we all can talk

 GUNBUTT23:            k

 DAD4VVYNG:            whats ur number

 GUNBUTT23:            954-340-3868

 GUNBUTT23:            ask for shelly

 DAD4VVYNG:            where u from

 GUNBUTT23:            boston

 DAD4VVYNG:            whats ur name

 GUNBUTT23:            shelly silly

 GUNBUTT23:            i told you matt b/c i was kidding

 DAD4VVYNG:            ok so ur fmale

 GUNBUTT23:            yes

 GUNBUTT23:            why

 GUNBUTT23:            is that bad?

 GUNBUTT23:            call me now

 GUNBUTT23:            no one is on the phone

 DAD4VVYNG:            no how old r u

 GUNBUTT23:            39

 GUNBUTT23:            are you gonna call?

 DAD4VVYNG:            yeah but i need 15 mins to unhook pc

 GUNBUTT23:            ok

 GUNBUTT23:            wait

 GUNBUTT23:            ask for my daughter, Lisa

 GUNBUTT23:            i want her to speak to you first

 GUNBUTT23:            ok?

 DAD4VVYNG:            how old is she

 GUNBUTT23:            17

 GUNBUTT23:            18 in august

 DAD4VVYNG:            u do her

 GUNBUTT23:            we just play

 GUNBUTT23:            she is my  step daughter

 DAD4VVYNG:            u going to play when i call

 GUNBUTT23:            of course

 GUNBUTT23:            that’s why i want you to call

 GUNBUTT23:            ask for her

 GUNBUTT23:            she is real horny now

 GUNBUTT23:            i know it

 GUNBUTT23:            u gonna call

 DAD4VVYNG:            yeah in 15 mins be naked

 GUNBUTT23:            ask my secretary foR LISA

 GUNBUTT23:            we will be in my office

 GUNBUTT23:            at home

 GUNBUTT23:            cant wait

 GUNBUTT23:            give me 15 mins

 DAD4VVYNG:            u better not be fucking around with me

 GUNBUTT23:            i will be when we meet

 GUNBUTT23:            i hope we do

 GUNBUTT23:            i looooove older men

 GUNBUTT23:            i will sign off now

 GUNBUTT23:            and get with her

 GUNBUTT23:            call in 15

 GUNBUTT23:            ask for my girl

 DAD4VVYNG:            ok ok

 GUNBUTT23:            bye Frankie

 GUNBUTT23:            lisa will be waiting

 GUNBUTT23:            LISA A>

 DAD4VVYNG:            ok 15 mins

 GUNBUTT23:            ohyeah

 DAD4VVYNG:            bye u better be there

 GUNBUTT23:            i am here baby

 GUNBUTT23:            but she knows now and she is waiting

 GUNBUTT23:            i can’t wait to hear the 2 of you talk

 GUNBUTT23:            do you have the #?

 DAD4VVYNG:            954 340 3868

 GUNBUTT23:            that’s right sugar

 GUNBUTT23:            and who do yo0u ask for?

 GUNBUTT23:            don’t tellmy secreatary

 GUNBUTT23:            i am not telling her

 GUNBUTT23:            she is very uptight and boring

 DAD4VVYNG:            lisa

 GUNBUTT23:            yes

 GUNBUTT23:            i am wet just thinking about us meeting

 DAD4VVYNG:            ur shelly

 GUNBUTT23:            oh yeah

 GUNBUTT23:            you can call me sugar

 DAD4VVYNG:            ur so full of it

who r u any way

 GUNBUTT23:            i am not

 GUNBUTT23:            is that so hard to believe

 DAD4VVYNG:            ill find out when i call

 GUNBUTT23:            call if you want, if not, we will do fine without you

 GUNBUTT23:            bye, Lisa is calling me

DAD4VVYNG:            15 mins

 GUNBUTT23:            yea , bye

I’m A Survivor

GUNBUTT23:            i am a rape survivor too

 Daisy19792:            what is your name

 GUNBUTT23:            Alice

 Daisy19792:            mine is donna

 Daisy19792:            how pold are you

 GUNBUTT23:            19

 Daisy19792:            sorry , old

 GUNBUTT23:            u?

 Daisy19792:            16

 Daisy19792:            where are you from

 GUNBUTT23:            Louisiana

 Daisy19792:            i am from ohio

 GUNBUTT23:            it’s nice there

 Daisy19792:            ya, i guess so

 GUNBUTT23:            were you attacked too?

 Daisy19792:            very peacful

 Daisy19792:            yes i was

 GUNBUTT23:            bywho

 Daisy19792:            my best friends brother

 GUNBUTT23:            is he good looking?

 GUNBUTT23:            did you tell her?

 Daisy19792:            he is cute. yes

 GUNBUTT23:            how old is he?

 Daisy19792:            even though he was cute, doesn’t mean i wanted to sleep with him

 GUNBUTT23:            i know

 Daisy19792:            he is 18 now

 GUNBUTT23:            that’s horrible

 Daisy19792:            who were you attacked by

 GUNBUTT23:            are you guys still friends?

 Daisy19792:            i know

 GUNBUTT23:            i was attacked a few months ago by an athlete

 Daisy19792:            nope

 GUNBUTT23:            at a hotel

 Daisy19792:            do you know who it was

 GUNBUTT23:            of course i do

 GUNBUTT23:            he raped me

 GUNBUTT23:            his name is Paul Wight

 GUNBUTT23:            do you know him?

 Daisy19792:            no 

 GUNBUTT23:            the Big Show

 GUNBUTT23:            no one believes me

 Daisy19792:            really

 Daisy19792:            did you tell your parents

 GUNBUTT23:            he was nice at first

 GUNBUTT23:            my father is his manager

 GUNBUTT23:            it is awkward

 Daisy19792:            7 weeks after it happened to me, i found out i was pregnant and at 8 weeks, i had a miscarriage and i can never have kids again

 Daisy19792:            did your parents believe you

 GUNBUTT23:            would you honestly have wanted the kids

 Daisy19792:            did you press charges

 GUNBUTT23:            i didn’t tell my parents

 GUNBUTT23:            i  can’t, he is very big and would kill me

 GUNBUTT23:            he already chokeslammed me through a table

 Daisy19792:            i would have gotten an abortion

 GUNBUTT23:            when girls have babies they have pink socks, a girl i work with told me that

 GUNBUTT23:            you’re lucky u didn’t have it

 Daisy19792:            i didn’t press charges because i didn’t want to go through the humiliation. my dad said he would have said the same thing

 GUNBUTT23:            your dad was raped by him too?

 GUNBUTT23:            that;s horrible

 Daisy19792:            no, if he was me, he would not want to go through the humiliation either

 GUNBUTT23:            Paul is a nice guy

 GUNBUTT23:            i think he was just uncomfortable around me

 Daisy19792:            why is your name gunbutt

 GUNBUTT23:            because he raped me in the ass continuously

 GUNBUTT23:            now my ass is as wide as a shotgun

 GUNBUTT23:            i picked that name to get even with him

 GUNBUTT23:            do you thnk that’s in poor taste ?

 Daisy19792:            yes

 GUNBUTT23:            he ruined me

 Daisy19792:            are you gonna be online for a while

 GUNBUTT23:            i can’t even feel it when my dad sticks his arm up my butt anymore

 GUNBUTT23:            yes

 GUNBUTT23:            i am sad now

 GUNBUTT23:            Bailamos

 GUNBUTT23:            are u?

Italian Taco Stuffer

GUNBUTT23:            oh boy you sound tasty

 BlkLOOKER:            Thank you

 GUNBUTT23:            you’d love my black skin

 BlkLOOKER:            I bet that I would :-)

 GUNBUTT23:            what are you?

 BlkLOOKER:            I am a man, lol

 GUNBUTT23:            i mean black, white etc?

 BlkLOOKER:            I am mexican/italian, fairly light yet dark in the summer

 GUNBUTT23:            oooh italiano

 BlkLOOKER:            I am signed on as a guest, as I am visiting my brother in Alaska, else I would be able to send you a picture

 GUNBUTT23:            i bet its cold there

 GUNBUTT23:            your nipples probably look like the guy from Hellraiser

 BlkLOOKER:            It ok, I have just been having a bit of a problem sleeping as it is light outside 24/7

 GUNBUTT23:            cool

 GUNBUTT23:            do people walk around cursing at the sun

 GUNBUTT23:            my dad used to curse at his son

 BlkLOOKER:            If they are crazy I am sure

 BlkLOOKER:            I never curse at my son

 GUNBUTT23:              my dad used to call me “Baby Bitch”

 GUNBUTT23:            i likededed that shit

 GUNBUTT23:            he is a jerk

 BlkLOOKER:            My father is a great person, and I am sure having him as a father is why I am such a good father to my son

 GUNBUTT23:            that’s comforting

 BlkLOOKER:            You can always go to Keyword  LOVE@AOL and check out my Photo Personal ad.

 GUNBUTT23:            oh ok

 BlkLOOKER:            Search the MEN for MEN, Sacramento, CA, race other, age 31-35.  My ad is called seeking gay black mate

 GUNBUTT23:            your a sexy little taco stuffer

 GUNBUTT23:            aren’t you ?

 BlkLOOKER:            I am sexy, taco stuffer not

 GUNBUTT23:            but i like

 BlkLOOKER:            I have no problem with that

 GUNBUTT23:            i bet your ass is like two bald midgets fighting over a dirty doughnut

 GUNBUTT23:            i dated an italian once

 GUNBUTT23:            his semen tasted like marinara sauce and he left grease marks on my ass

 GUNBUTT23:             ?

 GUNBUTT23:            bye ta ta taliano


Hppyboeee:            is this Derrick?

you finally got your computer yea!!!

 GUNBUTT23:            yes hi

 Hppyboeee:            how the hell have you been?..i was wasted last night before i got home

 GUNBUTT23:            you didn’t call

 Hppyboeee:            yeah..i passed out on the couch

 Hppyboeee:            you coming over still i have all of your pot

 GUNBUTT23:            you can have it

 GUNBUTT23:              i got reall wasted last nite

 Hppyboeee:            you can find the new place right?

 GUNBUTT23:            i woke up with some guy in my bed

 GUNBUTT23:            no

 GUNBUTT23:            where is it again?

 Hppyboeee:            what do you mean i can have it??

who is this?

 GUNBUTT23:            i am kidding stupid

 GUNBUTT23:            do you think I’d give it to you

 Hppyboeee:            lol…cool

 GUNBUTT23:            of course i want it

 GUNBUTT23:            when can i come

 Hppyboeee:            now..were in the condo

 GUNBUTT23:            who you with?

 Hppyboeee:            over on Monte Vista

 Hppyboeee:            i’m with Jenna

 GUNBUTT23:            give me the addres again cause you know i will forget it

 Hppyboeee:            my Wife

 GUNBUTT23:            duh

 GUNBUTT23:            did she happen to say anything to you in the last week or so

 GUNBUTT23:            about me ?

 GUNBUTT23:            seriously

 Hppyboeee:            5111 …east mote vista

 Hppyboeee:            yeah..i know you two had sex so?

you did last week too

 GUNBUTT23:            i am not kidding

 GUNBUTT23:            no

 Hppyboeee:            i know

she wants us to all be together

 GUNBUTT23:            look

 Hppyboeee:            at?

 GUNBUTT23:            me and her talked and we thought maybe it would be better if you were’nt involved anymore

 GUNBUTT23:            i thought she would have told you by now

 Hppyboeee:            lol…come on over she’s cooking breakfast

 GUNBUTT23:  ’s not funny

 GUNBUTT23:            how is she

 GUNBUTT23:            your just mad cause she likes screwing me better

 Hppyboeee:            lol…whatever…she says to hurry so your eggs will be warm

 GUNBUTT23:            will she lick my ass

 GUNBUTT23:            send me that pic of you 2 again

 Hppyboeee:             ?

ask her when your eating breakfast  now hurry up

 Hppyboeee:            who is this?

 GUNBUTT23:            Derrick dude

 GUNBUTT23:            why you acting so weird

 GUNBUTT23:            i need your wife to myself

 GUNBUTT23:            i can’t come over today

 GUNBUTT23:            you don’t respect me

 Hppyboeee:             ?

 GUNBUTT23:            tell your wife to forget it

 Hppyboeee:             ?”

 GUNBUTT23:            you 2 were made for one another

GUNBUTT23:            all i know is that she wants me more than you

 Hppyboeee:            you wish you were derrick

you ?

 GUNBUTT23:            can’t wait to come over and  bang your whore of a wife

 Hppyboeee:             ?

 GUNBUTT23:            i’;ll give her my eggs

 Hppyboeee:            u little 12 year old real man:           

 Hppyboeee:             ?

 GUNBUTT23:            i got your address you dumb prick

 Hppyboeee:             ?

 GUNBUTT23:            you’re in denial

 Hppyboeee:            come over i dare you

 Hppyboeee:            to chat..with me bugging you ain’t it?

 Hppyboeee:             ?

 Hppyboeee:            haahaa 

 GUNBUTT23:            i don’t mind… my wife isn’t the one that’s a whore

 GUNBUTT23:            how many dicks does she need?

I Drive Myself Crazy

GUNBUTT23:            HI

 KMehta1397:            hey

 KMehta1397:            sup

 GUNBUTT23:            hi

 KMehta1397:            age/sex?

 GUNBUTT23:            17,m

 GUNBUTT23:            ju

 GUNBUTT23:            You?

 KMehta1397:            14/f/Texas

 GUNBUTT23:            isn’t nsync just the best?!

 GUNBUTT23:            everyone laughs at me cause i am a guy and like them

 KMehta1397:            nah

 GUNBUTT23:            you don’t like them?

 KMehta1397:            guys like them too

 KMehta1397:            yes i like them

 KMehta1397:            A WHOLE LOT!!!

 KMehta1397:            JC IS SOOO HOT

 GUNBUTT23:            i almost met justin

 KMehta1397:            <333333 JC

 GUNBUTT23:            he dated my sister’s friend in high school

 KMehta1397:            u did??

 GUNBUTT23:            but he was mean to her

 GUNBUTT23:            when they broke up he hit her

 KMehta1397:            he was? OMG

 GUNBUTT23:            can you believe it

 KMehta1397:            no way

 GUNBUTT23:            but he is a great singer

 GUNBUTT23:            yeah

 GUNBUTT23:            he hit her

 KMehta1397:            OMG

 KMehta1397:            are u sure??

 GUNBUTT23:            yes.  I have seen pics of her

 GUNBUTT23:            bruised

 GUNBUTT23:            he was mad because she wanted to go to the movies with her friends

 KMehta1397:            oh iam sorry how could Justin be like that??

 GUNBUTT23:            he was very controlling

 GUNBUTT23:            it’s hard to believe

 GUNBUTT23:            but true

 GUNBUTT23:            he seems so nice on tv

 GUNBUTT23:            he needs help

 KMehta1397:            are u sure??

 GUNBUTT23:            i wouldn’t lie about that

 GUNBUTT23:            its not funny to hit girls

 KMehta1397:            have u like met him personally???

 GUNBUTT23:            briefly once

 GUNBUTT23:            he was eating with her

 GUNBUTT23:            and me and my sister were in the same restaurant

 GUNBUTT23:            this was before he was famous

 GUNBUTT23:            i went to shake his hand but he looked annoyed

 KMehta1397:            oh i see

 KMehta1397:            omg

 GUNBUTT23:            he never let my sister’s friend go out

 GUNBUTT23:            he had to know where she was at all times

 KMehta1397:            man and i thought he was…

 GUNBUTT23:            she is upset now that he is famous because she thinks he might be doing the same thing to hundreds of other girls

 GUNBUTT23:            she is in therapy

 GUNBUTT23:            its very hard for her to watch him on tv

 KMehta1397:            oh i feel so sorry man 

 KMehta1397:            i never knew..

 GUNBUTT23:            you know that scene in their new video where he gets mad at his girlfriend?

 GUNBUTT23:            that scares her soo much

 KMehta1397:            yeah

 GUNBUTT23:            i still like them as musicians

 GUNBUTT23:            i have posters and an NSYNC belly shirt, but it doesn’t fit too good

 GUNBUTT23:            it was my sister’s

 GUNBUTT23:            i hope you don’t hate them now

 KMehta1397:            oh no just maybe Justin

 GUNBUTT23:            he has the nicest eyes, don’t you think?

 KMehta1397:            yeah its soo hard to tell…..

 GUNBUTT23:            Listen to the words of “Drive myself Crazy”

 GUNBUTT23:            listen closely and it is scary

 KMehta1397:            it is?

 KMehta1397:            hold on

 GUNBUTT23:            it totally freaks me out

 KMehta1397:            man….

 GUNBUTT23:            it’s about a crazy lover

 GUNBUTT23:            just like him

 KMehta1397:            have u met any other NSYNC members?

 KMehta1397:            JC i know wouldnt be like that or not any others except Justin i hope

 GUNBUTT23:            no but my mom met Lance and got my cd signed for me

 KMehta1397:            is Lance nice?

 GUNBUTT23:            they met at a sneaker store

 GUNBUTT23:            he was nice she said, but he was smoking pot

 KMehta1397:            he was???

 GUNBUTT23:            she said he seemed stoned or something

 KMehta1397:            :::faints:::

 GUNBUTT23:            she said he smelled of pot

 GUNBUTT23:            he spelled his name wrong on the cd

 KMehta1397:            i cannot beleive this is how the real truth is

 KMehta1397:            he did?

 GUNBUTT23:            he spelled it Lansssee

 GUNBUTT23:            the rest are probably really nice

 KMehta1397:            whoa

 KMehta1397:            yeah i mean JC seems really nice

 GUNBUTT23:            people that famous shouldn’t be doing drugs

 KMehta1397:            and the others

 GUNBUTT23:            its not right

 KMehta1397:            yeah really

 GUNBUTT23:            i never met the others

 GUNBUTT23:            justin told my sisters friend that if she ever dated another guy it would be her last

 GUNBUTT23:            she never told her parents

 GUNBUTT23:            when my mom met Lance he had a strip bar shirt on and Stone Cold Steve Austin underwear on

 GUNBUTT23:            he looked like a mess she said

 GUNBUTT23:            did you know he is into scat?

 GUNBUTT23:            tell your friends before they are victims too

 GUNBUTT23:            i have to go

 GUNBUTT23:            my mom has to take me to buy cereal and brillo pads

 GUNBUTT23:            talk to you later

 GUNBUTT23:            ok?

 KMehta1397:            bye

 KMehta1397:            ok

 GUNBUTT23:            sorry about telling you the truth

 GUNBUTT23:            i didn’t mean to ruin your day

 GUNBUTT23:            it makes me sad too

 KMehta1397:            oh no thats ok

 GUNBUTT23:            I drive myself crzy

 KMehta1397:            it is sad

 GUNBUTT23:            bye

 GUNBUTT23:            NSYNC 4eVer

 KMehta1397:            bye

 GUNBUTT23:            backstreet’s back  TONIGHT!!!!!!!

KMehta1397:            can i add u to my bl

 KMehta1397:            yeah!!!

 GUNBUTT23:            sure 

Cow Paster

GUNBUTT23:            you’re from alabama?

 Bratty3214:            yeah

 GUNBUTT23:            some nice looking girls out there?

 Bratty3214:            i don’t know i don’t judge girls

 GUNBUTT23:            how many of your cousins have you banged?

 GUNBUTT23:            you brat

 Bratty3214:            where you from?

 Bratty3214:            none

 GUNBUTT23:            florida

 Bratty3214:            that is nasty

 GUNBUTT23:            do you have all your teeth?

 Bratty3214:            yeah

 Bratty3214:            do you

 GUNBUTT23:            of course, i am not a redneck

 Bratty3214:            and your point being

 Bratty3214:            i am in florida right now

 GUNBUTT23:            come over

 Bratty3214:            what part of florida are you at

 GUNBUTT23:            clearwater

 Bratty3214:            i am at panama city

 GUNBUTT23:            come over and i;ll milk you

 Bratty3214:            shut up

 Bratty3214:            i don’t like you cause you are a dumbass

 GUNBUTT23:            you’re from alabama, so it’s a given that you’re stupid

 GUNBUTT23:            you inbred dip chewing hillbilly

 Bratty3214:            shut up dumb fuck

 GUNBUTT23:            you’re not being nice to daddy

 Bratty3214:            hey stupid i am not stupid you rotten toothed ,hick bastard

 GUNBUTT23:            daddy doesn’t like meany weany people….be nicey wicey to your spankboy

 GUNBUTT23:            daddy will be your sugar pie

 Bratty3214:            fuck off dumb ass

 GUNBUTT23:            [S goodbye

 GUNBUTT23:            not being nice, my little pickup driving horsebanger

 Bratty3214:            how old are you

 GUNBUTT23:            19

 GUNBUTT23:            u

 Bratty3214:            iam 20 little boy

 GUNBUTT23:            wow, i am proud that you know your birthday

 GUNBUTT23:            did you get a can of beans and a piece of straw for your birthday?

 Bratty3214:            that’s why i saw your daddy in a cow paster fucking a cow

 Bratty3214:            nope

 GUNBUTT23:            you’re the kind of girl that goes to family reunions to pick up guys

 GUNBUTT23:            what is a cow paster

 Bratty3214:            nope

 GUNBUTT23:            a guy that glues cows?

 GUNBUTT23:            i think you mean pasture?

 GUNBUTT23:            moron

 Bratty3214:            you are a moron

 GUNBUTT23:            goooood comeback 

 Bratty3214:            go fuck yourself

 GUNBUTT23:            i bet your dad walked you to school ‘cause you were both in the same grade

 Bratty3214:            i don’t like immature little boys

 Bratty3214:            your momma is so fat she has stretch marks on her clothes

 GUNBUTT23:            i know,.  you like immature stupid relatives

 GUNBUTT23:            your mom is so fat she sweats gravy

 Bratty3214:            that was so stupid

 GUNBUTT23:            how does your dad get in between her legs? must be like pulling taffy

 Bratty3214:              your mama is so stupid she went to dr.dre to get a papsmear

 GUNBUTT23:            is your stupid father telling you these?

 Bratty3214:            i don’t know i don’t watch my parents like you do

 GUNBUTT23:            do you do it all for the nookie?

 Bratty3214:            FUCK YOURSELF

 Bratty3214:            NOPE

 GUNBUTT23:            you write very big for a dumb whore

 Bratty3214:            i am a virgin

 GUNBUTT23:            suuuure.   A virgin in alabama is someone that can run faster than their brothers

 Bratty3214:            you are so childish you surfer dude wannabe , now go suck a donkey dick  !!!!!!!! and leave me the hell alone.

 GUNBUTT23:            can you tell me what that tastes like?

 GUNBUTT23:            it probably tastes like the inside of you

 GUNBUTT23:            donkeybanger

 GUNBUTT23:            can i come to panama city?

 Bratty3214:            no i thought you would know from suckingyour dad and you should know what cow tits taste like too from when your mom used to breastfeed you„,mooooooo„lol

 GUNBUTT23:            very good

 GUNBUTT23:              i am surprised you took your hand off your dad’s lap long enough to type that much

 Bratty3214:            GO AWAY

 GUNBUTT23:            can i go to where you are?

 GUNBUTT23:            does this count as a date?

 Bratty3214:            NO GO AWAY

 GUNBUTT23:            loveyou mean it